The consequences of poor scheduling.

Do you ever feel like you can't keep up? Like you're constantly running behind and don't have enough time to get everything done? If this sounds familiar, it's likely because of your poor scheduling of work. When our schedules are crammed and we're always rushed, it takes a toll on our mental health and overall satisfaction with our personal lives.

Vimal Navaneesan
20. October 2021
Running a team of shift workers successfully is one of the most demanding jobs. Business owners often have a hard time with employee scheduling. Clear scheduling is essential for employees to get to work and it sets their responsibilities for the week. But if the schedule does not suit their specific needs, it will have consequences for your organization.

A part of being successful as a business depends on your employees. They are the driving force, which creates the breeding ground for increased productivity and commitment. There is one particular thing that can stop their productivity and set your business back. These are the work schedules. If the work schedule is not planned and communicated well, it can lead to a lot of unwanted consequences.

While the scheduling process may seem an overwhelming and never-ending task, there are steps you can take to make the process simpler and more efficient. With a little bit of planning and help from scheduling software, you can take control and avoid the consequences of poor scheduling.

Poor scheduling quickly leads to overtime costs. If an employee can not make a shift, or a shift is left unclaimed by mistake, another employee needs to fill in last minute, which leaves overtime costs. With an employee scheduling tool, this can be avoided, while it benefits both employers and employees.

Scheduling software helps you automate the process of scheduling. This means you can spend less time on administrative tasks and save more time on other aspects of running your business. When choosing scheduling software, look for a tool that is easy to use and has all the features you need to create an effective schedule for your team.

What is poor scheduling costing you?

A clear schedule helps the business to create structure and make the day run smoothly. Creating schedules can be problematic because it has to take several things into account. The demands and wishes of the workers play a huge part in the schedules to balance their spare time and their work lives. Many factors need to be considered by managers in the employee scheduling process: labor costs, overtime costs, vacation time, and personal preferences. Managers can spend several hours scheduling, and ultimately end up with poor employee scheduling which does not consider all employee's needs. This can lead to several issues:

Low employee satisfaction.

Schedules give your employees an overview of their working week. However, if the schedules do not fit in with their private lives, this can lead to anxiety and dissatisfaction. Things often happen spontaneously, which means that your employees have to work more hours overtime or do have overlapping shifts.

Many people find it difficult to adapt to sudden changes in the schedule. It means they are under pressure to divide their time, which can worsen their commitment and productivity. The less an employee performs, the more dissatisfied they become with their job. Unfortunately, this frustration can spill over to the rest of your team. It contributes to creating a bad atmosphere and ruining morale in the workplace.
The organizational structure and culture in a company have an influence on how big satisfaction is among the employees. A report from BMC Health Services Research clarifies that the culture of a company that refers to one's goals and values, influences the effort of employees.

If managers and employees communicate well with each other, there is a greater chance of better cooperation in the team. It will encourage everyone at the workplace to achieve the company's goals and therefore increase employee satisfaction.

Mental health issues.

Having poor schedules does not only contribute to dissatisfied employees. There is another issue that has consequences for every part of the company. That is mental health issues. Mental health is a topic that is difficult for people to talk about. Mental health issues affect your emotions, perceptions, and thoughts. For the individual, this typically means that your function less well in social and work-related contexts. It means that you have less energy and less sufficient mental resources to carry out your task. Besides, it is hard to make everyday life cohesive.


According to a study conducted by Stressforeningen, there are around 35.000 Danish people who report they are sick due to a mentally poor working environment. It can lead to stress and depression. Furthermore, every fifth Dane, who is ill with stress has a greater risk of losing their job. 

Tips on how to better your scheduling game

Get to know your team better by knowing what are their needs, preferences, and skills.

Knowing this personal information will help you create a schedule that strengthens the team spirit. Benefit from using automated tools that help consider the skills, qualifications, and other needs of your workers.

Pay attention to employee needs when creating a schedule.

Being extra cautious when creating certain shifts can determine employee satisfaction. This is mainly because the employees that are asked to cover for others tend to be dissatisfied with work. Employee satisfaction is an important part of employee retention, and poor retention is costly.

Create efficient schedules with well-organized shift work.

It is important to have clear systems and protocols. Not having a scheduling tool can result in wasted time. An employee scheduling software can help save time for many managers, by making the planning process more effective.

Figure out what makes employee scheduling so difficult.

Is the method of scheduling shifts practical enough? Creating a schedule in an Excel spreadsheet, while trying to keep track of all your employee's needs and last-minute changes can be a hassle. As a manager you may have to spend extra time double-checking shifts, referencing e-mails, and updating documents. By using this type of system mistakes are more likely to happen. 

The solution is ready.

Prevent poor scheduling, chaos, disorder, and unmotivated employees by being responsible and taking planning seriously. As a business owner, it is crucial to have a plan and be proactive. With the help of technology, you can easily manage your operations and shifts based on importance. By using employee scheduling software, you can take charge of your company's time by having all the information you need in one place. Not only will this make your life easier, but it will also show your employees that you are taking their time and needs seriously.

Did you know, for example, that it is possible to let your employees indicate their preferences and, based on this, create the ideal planning with one click?

This is one of the many advantages that the workforce planning system of Workfeed has to offer. Read more about the possibilities of Workfeed here.

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