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Workfeed handles the stress of creating perfect schedules. Meet all your employees’ wishes with just the click of a button.

08:00 - 16:00
Carmen Granger
Simon Dorsey
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Guy who loves his schedule from RelionHalv cirkel der viser timeantal i vagtplan
16:00 - 20:00
Rose Waide
Steve Brotey
Girl with dark red hair loves a perfect work schedule
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Auto-fill for the period 1. Jan - 30 Jan.
Shifts covered
18/ 19
Relion shift planning overview of schedule
Guy who loves his schedule from Relion
Tilgængelighed til vagtplan

Give your team a voice.

Your employees tell us their dream schedule, and Workfeed delivers in no time.

Real-time syncing of employee availability.
Meet weekly hour demands automatically. 
Improve employee satisfaction.
$1192 / $2000. 
22 sep
21. okt
Pige med angivet tilgængelighed til vagtplanen
Tilgængelighed til vagtplan
08:00 - 16:00
Unassigned shift
Elon Dorsey
12:00 - 18:30
Unassigned shift
Unassigned shift
15:30 - 21:00
Jack Musk
Unassigned shift

Tell Workfeed which shifts to cover.

Set up your staffing needs in templates. Then sit back and relax.

Save templates across several weeks.
Take specific skills and needs into account
Combine open and assigned shifts.

Love at first click.

And second and third and fourth and fifth. 

Create the perfect schedule with just one click.
Take  hours and availability into account.
Opmtized to cover all shifts without breaking any rules.
Auto-fill for the period 1. Jan - 30 Jan.
Shifts covered
62/ 68
Availability met
173/ 173
Hour requirements met
23/ 25
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Remember to clock in

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New comment on your shift

“Prepare for a very busy evening”.

A shift swap was automatically approved

Simon has taken Carol's shift on August 11th.

Our schedules go beyond scheduling.

We help you with time tracking, payroll export and much more.

Track working hours with our  GPS punch clock.
Keep track of changes and costs.
Assign comments and task to specific shits.

Last minute changes? No worries.

Whenever life gets in the way we help your employees plan the day.

Make shift swapping easy and accessible.
Get notified around changes.
Avoid costly errors and no shows.
Smilende pige med vagtplan på mobilenUng fyr med styr på sin online vagtplan
Kristian is selling his shift
Service agent
15:00 - 22:00 · Bistro TT
Wishes to swap shifts with Bo
Approve swap

We love integrations!

We have built the best integrations, so you can get the maximum benefit from your systems.

Salary lønsystem logo. Relion og salary har bygget en perfekt integration.Danløn logoVisma Dataløn logo

Handle payroll with one click.

Workfeed automatically synchronizes employees and hours to your preferred payroll system.

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Real time calendar sync.

Never miss a shift again. Automatically sync your shift plan to your personal calendar.

OnlinePOS logo til lønprocenter i vagtplanAjour Pos logo til lønprocenter i vagtplan

See your labor percentage.

See your revenue in real time and automatically calculate your daily labor percentage.

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What our customers are saying:

  • Vince fra Café Smagløs om Relion vagtplan

    “I was introduced to Workfeed because we were looking for a new reliable shift planning system and we are very satisfied. For me, as a manager of two different companies, it has been easy and straightforward to handle the shift plan.

    Vince Skaarup Nielsen
    Manager @ Café Smagløs & Bar Plata
  • Tanne Morville fra Gedulgt udtaler sig om Relion vagtplansystem
    Gedulgt bar logo

    “We are absolutely thrilled to use Workfeed. Super user-friendly and intuitive roster system with a nice design and a service beyond the usual. It has never been easier and more manageable to manage our shift planning. I will definitely recommend it! “

    Tanne Morville
    Staff manager @ Gedulgt
  • Maria Theressa Olsen Bryg vejle
    Bryg coffee house logo

    “We have a better overview and feel a different kind of security in relation to not overlooking anything. It is really easy to plan far into the future with the help of templates. I feel that Workfeed's shift planning app gives me much more overview and peace of mind. ”

    Maria Theressa Olsen
    Manager @ BRYG Coffee House

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08:00 - 16:00
Mary Shelly
Carol Adams
Medarbejder i vagtplansystemHalv cirkel der viser timeantal i vagtplan
16:00 - 20:00
Peter Thiel
Don William
Guy who loves his schedule from Relion
Girl with dark red hair loves a perfect work schedule

Plan your way to more time, fewer worries and happier emloyees.

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