Great products impact the world, not the planet.

We are carbon neutral.

Sustainable Development Goals

We contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


CO2 neutral website

Our website offsets 200% of the CO2 emissions.

Relion shift planning overview of schedule

Green data servers

Workfeed runs on 100% renewable energy.


We're investing together.

Forests of the World

Our 'Green Wall' allows forests to grow and flourish.


Sustainable tools

We build Workfeed using eco-friendly tools.


Reduce emissions

Work sustainably with Workfeed.


Our commitment.

The green choice

Our team strives for a positive green impact.


Life at Workfeed

We work hybrid.



Want to make a difference together?

" We don’t pretend to have all the answers. But what we do have is motivation to do what’s right for our planet. We encourage every business owner to join this cause. Nobody can do everything. But everybody can do something and together we can change the world.  "
Kristian Emil Larsen
Co-founder & CCO // Workfeed
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