Workfeed is coming to America!

Workfeed, Denmark's top-rated employee scheduling system, is coming to America - and you can be among the first to use it. In fact, in exchange for ≈ 15 minutes of knowledge sharing, we'll give you 3 months of free access to our system. No trick, just a treat for the pioneers.

A brief description of Workfeed: Workfeed was founded six years ago out of pure necessity. While working in the service industry, we noticed that no one seemed genuinely happy with their existing scheduling solutions. They were either too complicated, too slow, or the vendors were horrible to work with. We decided to build the ideal solution: A scheduling tool that's easy to use, beneficial to the entire team, and time-saving.

Fast-forward to today, 1,000+ companies of all shapes and sizes use Workfeed to create work schedules that strike a perfect balance between the needs of their workforce and the demands of their business. Meanwhile, we help companies with a lot more than just employee scheduling. With features for time & attendance, communication, data analytics, and compliance - we've grown into a complete team management solution.

So, why venture into America? We're on a mission to set new standards in employee scheduling, and by doing so, help countless companies improve the way they manage their teams today. America gives us the opportunity to not just compare ourselves to the best but to set the bar even higher.

But to realize this mission, we need pioneers. We've already finished our homework by integrating Workfeed with local systems and adapting to US norms. But your first-hand insights? Priceless. That's why we're offering 3 months of free access in return for your expertise.

So whether you want to be among the first American users of the soon-to-be best scheduling system, or are just tired of struggling with your complicated system - we look forward to collaborating on the perfect employee scheduling system.

Thanks for reading! Click here to learn more about Workfeed or to try it for yourself. You can always contact me directly at [email protected] if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.
Kristian Emil Larsen
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