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Kalle Jensen, Syv Ni 13
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Creating the schedule

Schedule your way

You decide.

Gather availability in one place

Tired of receiving availability here, there and everywhere? Ask your team to share it in Workfeed.

Save schedules as templates

Does the schedule look similar every week? Save it as a template for easy recycling in weeks to come.
Save weeks as template
55 shifts across two weeks
Create template

Automatic scheduling

Assigning employees to a schedule can be quite a puzzle. With auto-assign, it's easy. Our AI lets you assign your team to open shifts based on their availability, hours, skills and regulations — with a single click.

Be confident everyone gets the right hours

Tell Workfeed how many hours each person must work per week and see at a glance whether the schedule fulfills these requirements.
12h 30m / 15h
18h 30m / 19h
27h / 25h

Share the schedule

Hit publish to share the schedule with your team. They'll instantly be notified in the app.
New shifts
You have 5 new shifts in July.

Day-to-day operations

See who is at work

See who is currently working. And where they are working.

Impacting data at your fingertips

Check if business is booming with real-time insight into sales data, weather conditions, and table bookings. Not so booming? Use the data to adjust quickly and effectively.

Leave a note

Want to share a message that's only relevant to a specific shift or day? Just leave a note.
Hi team!

Today is going to be hectic, so bring a positive vibe and help each other out.

At 5 p.m. we have a table of 20 people, so prepare in time for their arrival.

Wishing you all the best, you got it!

Reduce no-shows with shift swapping

Allowing employees to swap shifts increases flexibility and reduces the likelihood of no-shows.
Medarbejder i vagtplan
Noa Cole
11:00am - 7:00pm · The Tasting Room
10:00am - 5:00pm · The Tasting Room
Medarbejder i vagtplan
Nicole Webster

Keep track of changes

The notification center keeps you informed of shift swaps and leave requests.

Track attendance with the time clock

What's planned is not always what's going to happen. The time clock ensures all the actual working hours are registered to the minute.

Keep track of overtime

Workfeed automatically tracks your employees' overtime by balancing their contractual hours against their working hours.

Automatic allowance calculations

Do your employees get extra pay when they work evenings? Workfeed automatically calculates it for you.
Overtime supplement
Hours count 1.25 after 8h 0m 
Sunday supplement
+5$ per hour on Sundays
Holiday supplement
Hours count 1.5 on holidays

Collect employee feedback

Curious how your people experience their working days? Just let Workfeed ask them.

Manager logbook

Create custom forms that managers can fill out to reflect on today and prepare for tomorrow.

Daily reports

Automatically send daily email reports consisting of key data, log book entries, shift scores, and more. You decide who receives it. 

Export hours to payroll

Workfeed calculates you labour cost ensuring it's ready for payday. Once it's time to wrap up the pay period, you can send all the hours directly to your payroll provider with a single click.

HR and compliance

Leave management

Everything you need to manage leave.

Receive leave requests

Your employees can submit leave requests through the Workfeed app. It's up to you whether these are approved.

Custom leave types

Create your own custom leave types like maternity leave.
Add new leave type
Maternity leave

Chat with your team

Say goodbye to social media. Workfeed's chat brings work-related communication to an app made for it.
Hi! Your contracts are ready to be signed.
Thanks boss. Just signed it!
Guy who loves his schedule from Relion
That was easy!

Upload and sign employee contracts

Upload, sign and store contracts in Workfeed and give your team digital access to their contract.

See employee retention data

See if employee retention is increasing with real-time insight into your employees' average tenure.

Comply with whistleblower regulations

Allow your employees to anonymously report misconduct and comply with the EU whistleblower law.
Whistleblower report overview

Power up with integrations

Integrate your favorite tools

Enable integrations with a few clicks
gusto logo orange

Real-time and predicted POS data

View your sales and labor rate in real time and look ahead with sales forecasts based on POS data.

Insight into bookings and guests

Schedule based on expected crowds with insight into the number of table bookings and guest.

Process payroll with a few clicks

When it's time to run payroll, you can send all logged hours directly from Workfeed to your payroll provider with a few clicks.
Oct. 1 - Oct. 30
The pay period has ended
All employees are synced with payroll
0 changes pending approval
Total wages:
Total hours:
5,268 hours

Sync your calendar

Synchronize Workfeed with your favorite calendar app.

Connect to 1000+ apps with Zapier

Connect Workfeed to 1,000+ apps by creating your own integrations with Zapier.

Build integrations with our API

Do you have specific needs? Our API allows you to build your own custom integrations.

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