Shift swaps just got a lot easier.

Shifts get swapped, you can't beat that. This doesn't mean it has to be a mess. Workfeed allows your employees to swap shifts without friction while making it easy for you to manage.
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Your team wants flexibility, deliver it with shift swaps.

Let's face it, your staff is busy. At times they need to get rid of a shift when life gets in the way. It's up to you to make it possible - Workfeed helps with that.
Undgå stress på arbejdspladsen

Without Workfeed

Lots of friction to get rid of a shift
No clue who needs to get rid of a shift
Manually update changes in the schedule

With Workfeed

Make it simple for your team to swap shifts
A list with shifts that need replacement
The schedule is updated automatically

Shift swaps in 5 simple steps.

An employee can offer their shift to all co-workers or swap with one another. Meanwhile, Workfeed ensures that it can only be done if someone has the right skills and double shifts are avoided.
Make the shift available
Employees can sell, hand over, or swap shifts.
Select a co-worker
Select a co-worker to hand over or swap a shift.
Click on a shift to swap
Click on the shift that is to be swapped.
Approval by co-worker
The colleague approves the swap.
Approval by manager (optional)
The manager approves it and completes the swap.
''With Workfeed handling shift swaps I hardly have to interfere, this saves me a lot of time.''
Emma Hamanns, Emma 1990

All available shifts in one overview.

The Workfeed app gives your team an overview of all available shifts and shows what they will earn if they cover a shift. It's like a crystal ball, but way less mysterious and much more practical.

Always an up-to-date schedule.

Workfeed refreshes every change faster than you can say 'schedule update', and ensures everyone's looking at the latest version of the schedule. No more 'Oops, I didn't see that' moments, we promise.
"Workfeed provides a great overview of my shifts and really brings everything together."
Anna, employee at Byens Bagel
experience increased employee satisfaction using Workfeed.
of employees using Workfeed say it's a reason to stay at the job.
of employees who use Workfeed say it increases their flexibility.

A lot more than shift swaps.

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It's like trading lunch items in the school cafeteria, but with shifts instead. By making shift swaps accessible to your team, you enable them to swap among themselves whenever they wish to get rid of a shift. It's a win-win, cutting down admin time and boosting employee flexibility.
It's easier than flipping a pancake on Sunday morning - just flick the 'enable shift swapping' switch in your Workfeed settings. Then, you get to be the one who's deciding whether shift swaps require your approval or if they just slide through automatically.
Imagine giving your employees the flexibility of a yoga master, dialing down no-shows to the level of unicorns (super rare), and spending less time on admin than it takes to make a cup of instant coffee. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, pinch yourself, because with Workfeed's shift swapping feature, it's your new reality.

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