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Sit back and relax with a leave management tool.

With a user-friendly platform for scheduling, time tracking, and leave management you can easy get a complete overview of your staff.

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Register staff leave with just a few clicks.

Easily create holiday, sickness or other absence and get an overall overview via the leave calendar.

Sep 9, 2021
Sep 17, 2021
Girl with dark red hair loves a perfect work schedule
Camilla Hansen
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Get a better overview.

Workfeed collects everything from scheduling to time tracking and leave management in one simple platform.

Avoid errors in the schedule.

Workfeed helps you make sure that you’re not creating schedules with unavailable staff.

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Danmarks hurtigste support
Hey boss. I would like to know if it is possible to have a holiday in week 24 and 29?
10:22 - Caroline Madsen
That is not a problem.
Girl with dark red hair loves a perfect work schedule

Make it easy to stay in touch.

Employees can easily ask for time-off through the built-in chat tool, making leave management easier than ever.

Why Workfeed?

With Workfeed you’re not just saving time and money. You also build a better workday for yourself and your team.

Save time with automatic integrations.

We’ve built the best integrations so you can get more time for the work that matters.

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Handle payroll with one click.

Workfeed automatically synchronizes employees and hours to your preferred payroll system.

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Sync your calendar in real time.

Never miss a shift again. Automatically sync your shift plan to your personal calendar.

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Know your labor percentage.

See your revenue in real time and automatically calculate your daily labor percentage.

Answers to your questions.

Like the rest of Workfeed, the leave calendar is quite simple. All you need to do to create leave on an employee is the following:

1. Click on the day you want to add leave to
2. Select type of leave (sickness or holiday)
3. Select an employee
4. Pick the date range

That's all. Pretty simple, right?
Yes. We have made it easy to export a CSV file that shows how much absence each employee has took in a given period.
No - all your employees can see is their own days of absence. The rest remains private to you.

Our customers experience remarkable difference.

experience increased staff satisfaction.
hours saved per admin each year.
is the average return on investment.
experience increased flexibility.
Bar 8660 saves 20 hours per month with Workfeed.
Gedulgt optimizes their operations with Workfeed.
TINC reduces the time spent on scheduing with 95%.
Café Smagløs replaces Planday with Workfeed and saves € 1,943 yearly.
Hamanns increases staff satisfaction with Workfeed.
Swapping pen and paper with Workfeed was the perfect solution for BRYG.
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