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Collect data from all your systems in Workfeed and gain superpowers that let you peek into the future - without the need to be a data geek.
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Collecting your data manually is sooo 2010....

Collecting your data by hand is outdated - connect your systems with Workfeed to get a 360˚ view of your data right where you need it.

Without Workfeed

Spending lots of time on data collection
Constantly switching between your systems
Connecting the dots yourself to get insights
Dashboards and analytics

With Workfeed

All data ends up in Workfeed automatically
All data is collected right where you need it
Workfeed serves you with valuable insights

Set-up integrations in just a few clicks.

Workfeed integrates with payroll, POS, table booking and much more. And if you're into DIY, our API lets you build your own integrations.
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''Workfeed lets us run our restaurant based on data without having to collect it ourselves.''
Rogier Horder, Eatery de Knijp

Transform your data into tidy dashboards.

You provide the data, we do the digging. Without any effort on your part, Workfeed treats you to valuable data insights.
Predicted and real-time revenue
Look ahead with POS data-based revenue forecasts & view your revenue in real-time.
Accurate labor costs and rates
Insight into daily labor costs and rates allows you to work cost effective.
Access daily bookings and guests
View the number of bookings and guests per day and identify peak times.
Insight into the weather forecast
View Apple's weather report in Workfeed and use it to estimate your staffing needs.
is the average annual return on an investment in Workfeed.
hours saved annually by admins using Workfeed.
of our users see an increase in staff satisfaction.

Anytime, anywhere access to your data.

Whether you're on your phone or computer, Workfeed keeps you in the loop. It's like having a personal assistant who's always there for you, minus the whole 'needing to share your snacks' part.
''Workfeed equals an additional employee and saves me about $3,000 a month.''
Frederik Møller, The Waiter Academy

The full suite to manage your team.

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Absolutely, you can! Just punch in your employees' wages, and voila! Workfeed calculates your labor costs on auto-pilot. It's visible in the time tracking overview, and also in the schedule overview, if you feel like flipping that switch (just give the little eye icon on the right side of your screen a click).

Worried about calculating your labor rate without a POS integration? No sweat. Just manually enter your daily revenue data, and it's like magic - your labor rate is calculated automatically. And if you do decide to bring your POS system into this beautiful partnership with Workfeed, your revenue data is added automatically. It's like having a personal accountant who never needs a coffee break.
"Ever wanted to play meteorologist? With Workfeed, you can! Just add your address to your department(s) in Workfeed, and boom - you've got weather forecasts at your fingertips. You'll basically have your very own weather channel, without the need for a green screen or awkward small talk about weekend plans."
You've decided to integrate Workfeed with your POS system. What happens next? Workfeed jumps into action, importing your revenue data faster than you can say 'Show me the money!'
When you connect Workfeed with your table booking system, Workfeed starts rolling in the details - bookings, guest counts, and the name of the person who made the reservation. All the essentials, no fluff. And don't worry, we're not about invading personal space. No additional details like contact information will be imported. We're all about the 'need-to-know' basis here.
We are indeed GDPR compliant. Workfeed's more GDPR compliant than a squirrel stashing away its nuts for a long, harsh winter. Now, here's the thing: we're not just serious about privacy and security, we're like, "guard-the-secret-recipe-of-Coca-Cola" serious.

We reckon that privacy isn't just a 'nice to have', it's a downright human right. Not to mention it's right up there with our core values. So, we're not just designing our services, we're meticulously crafting them with privacy at the heart of everything.

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Good products should make an impact. Not on the planet, though. Also, we're committed to keeping your data as secure as a squirrel’s nut in winter. And you can take that to the bank.

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