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User-friendly time tracking with a simple time clock.

Get rid of costly mistakes and get a better overview of your time tracking. Our online time clock works on all devices and ensures easy and accurate time tracking every single day.
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Ung fyr på arbejde
15:00 - 21:00
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18:00 - 21:00
Portræt af ung fyr på arbejde
18:00 - 21:00
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The shift starts at 15:00, remember to check in.
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Everything you need in a time clock.

Time clock with terminal or GPS?

Time clock from mobile.

Create GPS zones from which your staff can use their phones to check in and out of their shifts.
Write a check in note
Check in
Relions stempelur til vagtplanen i et check ind scenarie. Ved at registrere de korrekte arbejdstider reducerer du dine lønudgifter.

Time clock from terminal.

Set up a device in the workplace from which your employees can check in and out of their shifts.
Time clock zone
This is how it works

Time tracking with GPS time clock.

  1. Create one or more GPS zones.
  2. Create shifts in advance or at check-in.
  3. Open the time clock in a GPS zone and check in.
  4. Open the app and check out to end the shift.
  5. The shift is sent to you for approval.

Time tracking with GPS.

When you create a GPS zone, you completely decide the address staff need to be at in order to be able to check in with the time clock. When an employee needs to check in or out, the GPS coordinates on their phone must be within the selected radius of the GPS zone.

You choose how many GPS zones you want to create. If your company has several locations, you can easily create them all as zones for check-in and check-out.
This is how it works

Time tracking with terminal time clock.

  1. Open the link to the time clock from a terminal.
  2. Create shifts in advance or at check-in.
  3. Tap your name to check in.
  4. Tap your name to check out.
  5. The shift is then sent to you for approval.
Terminal stempelur

Time tracking with terminal.

It is not always possible for employees to check in and out via their phone. Therefore, Workfeeds online time clock can easily be used from a terminal in the workplace.

You choose whether shifts are to be set up in advance or whether they are set up when an employee checks in at the terminal. And you never miss updates - Workfeed automatically sends the time to you for approval when an employee checks out.
Relion overblik over time og timesedler

Approve hours without hassle.

Get an overview of scheduled time vs. tracked time and easily approve the hours from a comprehensive overview. This makes it easy for you to quickly see if the scheduled time matches the time actually spent on a shift.

An advantage for the employees.

Employees can easily keep track of which hours are approved. In this way, the time clock helps to ensure that you all have an overview of the hours worked - and this makes it possible to avoid errors in the approvals.

Give employees an overview of their hours.

From the time clock app, each of your employees can easily get an overview of their shifts and follow their hours. They have the ability to easily register when they check in and when they check out.
The best employee scheduling app

Send hours to your payroll system.

With accurate registration of hours through the time clock app, you get a more accurate payroll and invoicing basis - and you do not have to waste extra time on manual administrative work.
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Export salary with one click.

Make payroll in record time. Workfeeds time clock automatically syncs employees and hours to your preferred payroll system.

Time clock and shift schedule combined.

Workfeed’s online time clock not only helps you track hours. The platform can also be used to lay out a shift schedule, communicate with your team and handle shift swaps.
Workfeed shift planning weeks overview

Question? Answer.

No not necessarily. Workfeed was created as a sheduling system, however the time tracking is built to work without the sheduling. So you do not need the scheduling to use the time clock in the app.
Of course. If you need help getting started, just contact us or book a demo.
All your employees get a personal login to Workfeeds online time clock, from where they can register and follow their hours.
Online time tracking creates an overview for those who are working. In addition, it minimizes errors and manual work.

Our customers achieve noticeable results.

experiences increased satisfaction among employees.
hours saved a regular manager per year.
is the average return on investment per year.
experiences increased flexibility with Workfeed.
Bar 8660 saves 20 hours a month with Workfeed.
Gedulgt optimizes operations with Workfeed.
TINC reduces the time spent on shift planning by 95%.
Café Smagløs replaces Planday with Workfeed and saves DKK 14,000. yearly.
Hamanns increases employee satisfaction with Workfeed.
Swapping pen and paper for Workfeed was the perfect solution for BRYG.
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