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Avoid costly errors on payday. Workfeed's time clock tracks working hours down to the minute and makes timekeeping easy and accurate - every single time.
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A time clock app or terminal? Your choice. 

Workfeed's time clock runs on all your devices and can be tailored to your preferred way of working. Be it via the GPS-based time clock in the app or a terminal on site.

GPS-based time clock

Define where to clock in with GPS zones
Staff clocks in and out from the app
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Terminal time clock

Open the time clock on a device at work
Staff clocks in and out from the terminal

Check in and out from the app.

Once your employees are within one of the created GPS zones, they can check in for their shift from the Workfeed app. All clocked times are directly fed into timesheets - on autopilot.
''Some months I have to pay 200 people, Workfeed saves me tons of work with it!''
Frederik Møller, The Waiter Academy
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of our users see an increase in staff satisfaction.
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The time clock terminal on site.

Do you prefer a terminal? Just open Workfeed's terminal time clock on a PC or tablet and place it in a spot where your employees can check in for their shifts with ease.

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Workfeed is not only benefiting the manager. It's a win for the entire team. Our app shows staff all their info, from shifts to hours worked and salary - making Workfeed everyone's bestie.
''I enjoy using Workfeed. I really like the time clock and its overview of my working hours!''
Employee at Parkshare

Process hours in no time.

All scheduled and tracked hours are automatically gathered in Workfeed's time tracking view from where you can review them at ease. When ready, you can export hours for payroll with a single click.

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Workfeed integrates seamlessly with your payroll system (and more), making it easy to export hours for payday.
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The top-rated time clock app for your business.

Workfeed's time clock makes timekeeping simple and intuitive. Allowing our customers to run their businesses with peace of mind.
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"I've tried tons of scheduling and time clock apps and Workfeed is by far the best"
"Most tools are clunky and hard to use. Workfeed is different - it just flows."


When you create a GPS zone, you have full control over the address where employees need to be in order to check in with the time clock. When an employee needs to check in or out, the GPS coordinates on their phone must be within the selected radius of the GPS zone.

You choose how many GPS zones to create. If your company has multiple locations, you can easily create them all as zones.

Here's how the GPS-based time clock works in 6 easy steps:

1. Create one or more GPS zones.
2. Create shifts in advance or allow employees to check-in without a shift.
3. Employees open the app to check in once they're inside one of the GPS zones.
4. Employees open the app to clock in and out for breaks (optional).
5. Employees open the app to check out once their shift has ended.
6. Once the shift is finished, the hours are sent to you for approval.
It might not always be possible for employees to check in and out via their phones. Therefore, Workfeed's online time clock can easily be used from a terminal at the workplace.

You decide whether shifts are scheduled in advance or created when an employee checks in at the terminal.

Here's how the GPS-based time clock works in 6 easy steps:

1. Open the terminal time clock link from the settings in your Workfeed account on your terminal of choice, it can be any PC or iPad.
2. Create shifts in advance or allow employees to check-in without a shift.
3. Employees tap their name to check in.
4. Employees tap their name to clock in and out for breaks (optional).
5. Employees tap their name to check out.
6. Once the shift is finished, the hours are sent to you for approval.
Can you use a Swiss Army knife just to open a can of beans? Absolutely! Same goes for Workfeed. It doesn't care if you don't want to use the scheduling feature. It's cool like that.
Ever forget to take a break because you were too caught up in work? Yeah, me neither. But just in case you're one of those hard workers, Workfeed can remind you to kick back and relax. Set standard breaks, or have your employees clock in and out for those much-needed moments of zen. Now, who's ready for a coffee break?
Sure thing! Feel free to contact us and we'll help you on your way.

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