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Avoid loose paperwork and misunderstandings. Collect all your contracts in Workfeed and make sure everyone can access their contract at any time.
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The 80's called, they want their employee contracts back.

Physically signing employee contracts and tucking them away in an office drawer? That's  so last century - start managing your contracts online and create clarity for everyone.

Without Workfeed

Physically signing a dull 10-page document
Contracts tucked away in an office drawer
A lack of overview for everyone involved

With Workfeed

Sign the contract digitally, anywhere
Everyone has access to their own contract
One streamlined process through the app

Sign, seal, and store employee contracts in 4 simple steps.

Digital contract signing
Legally binding
Anytime access
''It only takes me 15 minutes to set up new employees - with contract and everything.''
Lars Boisen, Boxen

More than just employee contracts.

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Absolutely! The digital signature within Workfeed holds all the legal weight you need. Once both the employer and employee have signed the contract, boom, you've got yourself a solid agreement.
Workfeed users with admin rights have access to all contracts and are able to add/delete contracts. Employees can only access their own contracts.
No, you can only upload a contract in PDF format.

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