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With Workfeed, you can save up to 90% of the time you spend on employee scheduling, time tracking and payroll.

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Scheduling doesn't have to be a pain.

Without compromising on usability, Workfeed is designed to make employee scheduling refreshingly easy - for the entire team.

Schedule months ahead in minutes. 

Automatic scheduling makes it simple to get the right people, in the right place, at the right time.
9 AM- 6 PM
9 AM- 6 PM
9 AM- 6 PM

Share schedules and updates easily.

Access schedules on the go, sign employee contracts, and communicate with your team - all in one app.
New shifts
You got 5 new shifts in July

Reduce no-shows by 95% with easy shift swapping.

Increase flexibility for your staff by making shift swaping easy and accessible. 
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11 AM - 7 PM · The Tasting Room
10 AM - 5 PM · The Tasting Room
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Track time without costly errors.

Keep track of who's at work, how long they've been at work and exactly how much you pay them to work.
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Keep track of availability and attendance.

See all the info you need to build a schedule, from employees and positions to availability and days off.

Integrate your tools and automate admin.

Workfeed integrates with payroll, POS, table booking and more. Plus, our API lets you build your own integrations.
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Simple prices, no surprises.

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For small teams who want to leave spreadsheets behind for good.


Per user / month
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Included with Basic:
Employee scheduling
Shift swaps
Time tracking


For medium-sized teams who want to integrate and automate.


Per user / month
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Everything from Basic, plus:
Automatic scheduling
GPS  time clock


For large teams with complex needs and little patience for admin.


Per user / month
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Everything from Pro, plus:
API access
Compensatory time
Revenue forecasting

Workfeed user ratings

Based on our G2 ratings
Ease of use 
Average: 8.8
Quality of support
Average: 8.7
Ease of setup 
Average: 8.6

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