A team chat made to work.

No one looks forward to work messages on their night off, nor should they. Workfeed cuts the noise and brings work-related communication to an app made for it.
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Ditch social media with Workfeed's team chat.

Say goodbye to distractions, mix-ups, and private life invasions. Workfeed's team chat lets you talk about work in peace - when you're in the mood for it.

Without Workfeed

Being distracted by social media
Private and work chats mixed together
Using your personal phone number
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With Workfeed

Zero distractions, just work chats
Your private and work life separated
The chat doesn't require a phone number

Workfeed's team chat explained in 3 steps.

Individual communication
Group chats
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''As our food brings people together, Workfeed is our crew's meeting point.''
Kalle Jensen, Co-owner @ SYV NI 13 & Elle Belle

More than a team chat.

Workfeed's workforce management software provides you with the right set of tools to manage your team with success.

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Rated 5 stars on every review platform.

"There's something special about Workfeed. It's thought through to the smallest detail."
"I've tried multiple workforce management tools and Workfeed is by far the best"
"Most tools are clunky and hard to use. Workfeed is different - it just flows."


There is no limit to the number of users you can add in Workfeed. It is possible to separate users over multiple locations in the form of departments or link multiple Workfeed accounts together.
Yes! Workfeed is GDPR compliant and it is our commitment to provide the highest level of data security and privacy, ensuring our customers' trust and peace of mind.
Workfeed is a workforce management system that provides you with all the tools to manage your team with success. Workfeed's features include employee scheduling, time tracking, attendance, employee contracts, analytics, and communication. Browse all of Workfeed's features here.

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Workfeed makes team management a piece of cake and turns your workplace into a better place for everyone.
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