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Employee scheduling sucked for decades - but that ends here. Workfeed turns scheduling from something that used to take you hours into a simple task.
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Employee scheduling doesn't have to be hard.

Workfeed replaces messy sheets and daily frustrations with a simple and straightforward system that makes employee scheduling effortless.
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Without Workfeed

Lack of overview for everyone involved
Lots of errors and untidy Excel sheets
Many wasted hours of repetitive work

With Workfeed

A complete overview with one app
Work schedules, hours, and attendence combined
Up to 80% time savings with automated workflows

Employee scheduling software with a simple workflow.

Save 80% admin time
Leverage your data
Increase employee satisfaction

Go live in 2 minutes.

With Workfeed, you can go live faster than you can make a cup of coffee. And if you're a tea person, well, it's even faster than that​.
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Workfeed integrates seamlessly with payroll, POS, table booking and much more. Plus, our API lets you build your own custom integrations.
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Manage everything from the same app.

Put the back office in your front pocket and stay up to date no matter where you are. Our native iOS and Android apps give you and your team access to everything you need to be successful at work.
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Employee scheduling software
Create schedules automatically and share them instantly.
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Automatic time tracking
Track hours with the time clock and reduce labor costs.
Manage leave and sickness
Register absences with ease and get a complete overview.
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Chat with your team
Ditch social media apps with your very own work-chat.


Employee scheduling software makes it easy to manage employee schedules, as it allows employers to create and manage work schedules for their employees, usually through an online platform or application. With employee scheduling software, employers can quickly and easily create schedules, assign shifts, and notify employees of any changes. Furthermore, it also makes it easier to keep an overview of working hours because it provides a clear overview for time tracking and allows you to track hours with a time clock

Employees can also view their schedules and request time off or shift changes, often via an app. Overall, employee scheduling software helps businesses to streamline their scheduling processes and ensure that their employees are always aware of their work schedules.
A well-structured work schedule ensures that there is enough available staff to meet demand and perform the tasks to be completed. Having this in place will help to make expectations for your staff clear and avoids misunderstandings. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on employee satisfaction and retention. For instance, an employee retention study shows that companies using Workfeed enjoy unparalleled employee retention rates and generally have much higher employee well-being.
This article explains how you can create a work schedule. It covers everything from what an employee schedule is, to the types of schedules, as well as a step-by-step plan to get started with creating schedules.
Yes, you can! Workfeed automatically registers all scheduled hours and processes them automatically in the time tracking overview. It is also possible to record the actual arrival and departure times of your employees at work with the time clock.
There is no limit to the number of employees you can schedule with Workfeed. It is possible to create multiple locations in the form of departments or link multiple Workfeed accounts together.
Yes, Workfeed’s employee scheduling software allows your employees to share when they prefer to work, which shifts they can take, and when they are not available, meaning you do not have to worry about keeping track of who can work and when.

When you need to find a replacement, you do not have to call around to hear each employee if they can work: You already have the full overview of your employees' availability in the Workfeed app. And when an employee wants time off, you get the request via your app. You can see if it fits in the shift plan to give the person a day off - and you can easily approve or reject the request via the app.
Yes, you can set standard breaks for a preset number of hours or have your employees clock in and out for breaks with the time clock.
Yes! Workfeed integrates seamlessly with payroll, POS, table booking and much more. Plus, our API lets you build your own custom integrations.

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