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Workfeed's simple employee app brings everything your employees want together. From shifts to hours and salary - All in one place.
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Collect hours and availability.

In the employee app, your employees can easily share their availability to indicate which days they want to work. In addition, they can get an overview of their hours and salary.

€550,- / €1200.- 
22 Sep
21. Oct
Pige med angivet tilgængelighed til vagtplanen
Tilgængelighed i vagtplan og arbejdsplan
08:00 - 16:00
Unassigned shift
Elin Dubois
12:00 - 18:30
Unassigned shift
Unassigned shift
15:30 - 21:00
Jack Rodwell
Unassigned shift

Give everyone an overview of their work schedule.

Each employee gets an overview of their own shifts, the overall shift schedule and available shifts. All directly from the employee app.

Take communication out of social media.

Workfeed allows you to handle internal communication in a work-related platform, allowing you and your team to separate your work and private lives.

Danmarks hurtigste support
Hey, boss. Is it possible that I can start a little later on Thursday?
10:22 - Caroline Jenner
Yes, that's no problem 
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Remember to check in.

Your shift starts in 5 minutes.

A shift change was automatically approved.

Simon has taken Erin's shift on 11 August.
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A new comment to your guard.

“Prepare for a busy evening”

Automatic updates for the entire team.

The employee app notifies your team of all changes, so you can be sure that everyone is up to speed.

Create flexibility with shift swapping.

Make it easy for your employees to swap shifts and achieve greater flexibility in the workplace.

Kristian sells his shift
Service team
15:00 - 22:00 · Bistro TT
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Answers to your questions.

Yes - just search for Workfeed on the Appstore or Google Play Store and you will find us!
Yes - as an employer you pay for Workfeed and your employees can just download the app without having to pay for anything.
To make it easy, here's a list of what your employees can do with the app:

- See upcoming shifts, previous shifts and available shifts
- Track your personal working hours and salary
- Indicate which days you want to take time off and which days you would like to work.
- Chat with your team - either in a group chat or individually.
- Put your shifts up for sale or swap with colleagues.
- Check in and out of shifts with the punch clock.
- See a complete contact list of your colleagues.
- Synchronise your shifts with your favourite calendar.
When you create a Workfeed account, you get the opportunity to create and invite your employees. Once they have received an invitation, they can complete their personal login and download the app. Remember to add them to a department.

Our customers experience remarkable difference.

experience increased staff satisfaction.
hours saved per admin each year.
is the average return on investment.
experience increased flexibility.
Bar 8660 saves 20 hours per month with Workfeed.
Gedulgt optimizes their operations with Workfeed.
TINC reduces the time spent on scheduing with 95%.
I love Workfeed. It’s so good. I use it almost every single day.
Hamanns increases staff satisfaction with Workfeed.
Swapping pen and paper with Workfeed was the perfect solution for BRYG.
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