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Bring your employees together in one scheduling app.

Manage schedules, maintain an overview, work together, and stay in touch with your team. Anytime, anywhere, from just one app.

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It’s incredibly easy to use and serves as the perfect scheduling app.
Anna Frank
Anna, Byens Bagel
Workfeed makes it super easy  to keep track of my shifts.
Anna Frank
Tobias, Vin & Petanque
Probably the most user-friendly scheduling system we have tried.
Anna Frank
Bastian, Fysio Bootcamp ApS
We use Workfeed at work and are extremely happy with the service.
Anna Frank
Zaen, Parkshare
Swapping shifts works very well. All in all a good experience.
Anna Frank
Magnus, Beachfood and coffee
Workfeed is a great app that has helps us keep track of our schedules.
Anna Frank
Nadin, Senzasian

Manage your entire team, from the same app.

Easily adjust the schedule. Whenever, wherever.

Make life easier for your entire team.

Increase engagement and satisfaction.

A win, for the entire team.

iOS and Android employee apps

Put the back office in your front pocket.

Workfeed's app gives everyone easy access to everything they need to manage work.
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All things combined

All schedules, shifts, and hours in one place.

Manage everything from the same app while always keeping your staff informed.



Get notified of all changes.

Your staff will be notified of changes automatically.
New shift
You have a new shift on May. 18th
Shift change May. 17th
Time span has been changed


Always meet your teams expectations.

Your staff can share their availability and indicate when they want to work or not.

Team Chat

Keep everyone up to speed.

You can chat with your team from the app. Individually, or in the group chat.
Danmarks hurtigste support
Hi guys! How cool is it that we no longer need social media to talk about work?!?
10:22 - Carol Goldheart
For real, it's awesome! 
Girl with dark red hair loves a perfect work schedule

Shift swapping

Increase flexibility with shift swapping

Your staff can swap shifts with each other from their phone.

Questions? Answers.

Yes, the app is free. When taking out one of our memberships, every employee gets access to the app.
Both administrators and managers as well as employees are granted access to the app. The functions in the app differ according to the user's access level.
Employees receive more insight and control with Workfeed's app. They can view the latest version of the schedule at any time, check their hours and see what salary they can expect. They are also able to indicate their availability and have greater control over their work-life balance. All in all, this provides an increase in flexibility, commitment and job satisfaction.
In addition to employees, Workfeed's app also offers many benefits for managers. For example, they can easily make adjustments to the schedule from wherever they are, approve changes, keep track of daily operations and chat with the team. Of course, it is a huge addition for managers that their employees experience a happier work-life.
Strong integrations are an important part of Workfeed. We integrate with the vast majority of payroll systems and a number of selected POS systems. You can read more about integrations  here.
Of course. We love to show off Workfeed. You can book an online demo at any time. Just follow  this link and choose your preferred time, we'll see you soon

Our customers experience remarkable results.

experience increased staff satisfaction.
hours saved per admin per month.
is the average return on investment.
experience increased flexibility.
Bar 8660 saves 20 hours per month with Workfeed.
Gedulgt optimizes their operations with Workfeed.
TINC reduces the time spent on scheduling with 95%.
Café Smagløs replaces Planday with Workfeed and saves € 1,943 yearly.
Hamanns increases staff satisfaction with Workfeed.
Swapping pen and paper with Workfeed was the perfect solution for BRYG.
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Get access to user-friendly features that help you engage staff, automate admin and take control of your time.
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Meet the team.

Read the story of Workfeed.
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