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Employees love the Workfeed app for its ability to gather all work-related items. From employee schedules and hours worked to their availability and shift swaps - everything in one place.
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From Boomers to Gen-Z, Workfeed is built to meet the needs of your team - while making it easy for you to manage them.
experience increased employee satisfaction using Workfeed.
of employees using Workfeed say it's a reason to stay at the job.
of employees who use Workfeed say it increases their flexibility.

Your employees' wishes - fulfilled.

Scheduling employees doesn't have to feel like assembling IKEA furniture with instructions written in Chinese. With all employees' availability in the app, we help you construct a schedule so good, it might just hang in the Louvre. 
"I used to spend hours on employee scheduling. With Workfeed, it only takes 10 minutes and my employees only get shifts that fit their schedules.''
Torben Andersen, Letkøb

Share the employee schedule in the app.

- Ding - That's the sound of your employees getting their new shifts. Our app keeps the latest version of the schedule in their hands, ready to go at all times - like a trusty sidekick who never needs a bathroom break.
"Workfeed provides a great overview of my schedule and really brings everything together."
Anna, employee at Byens Bagel
"My staff specifically asked for Workfeed and I understand why. It's a brilliant app!"
Lars Boisen, Boxen

Keep schedule changes in check.

Sometimes, life throws a curveball, and your team needs to ditch a shift faster than a cat avoiding a bath. Luckily, Workfeed makes shift swapping as easy as stealing candy from... well, actually, don't steal candy. That's not cool. But you get the idea.
signed employment contract in Workfeed

Sign, seal, and store employee contracts.

Say goodbye to loose paperwork and 'I thought you said...' moments. Workfeed keeps all your contracts in one place, accessible anytime, like a digital safety deposit box.

Track working hours to the minute.

You're all about fairness, and so are we. So how does keeping track of actual working hours sound? Our James Bond-ish GPS-based time clock makes that pretty simple.

An employee scheduling app built for any device.

Whenever it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work, Workfeed is there to support you. From the mobile app to the browser version, employee scheduling has never been easier.

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The Workfeed app is free for your employees if you, as an employer, started a Workfeed subscription. View Workfeed's pricing here.
In your app store of choice. The Workfeed app is available for download in both the App Store and the Google Play Store.
Workfeed can handle all your employees, in all your departments, across all your locations​. Our customers are ranging from 5 to 2000 employees, so we might as well have table for your team as well.

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