Free employee schedule template.

Download your free employee scheduling template.
employee scheduling template
Make your schedule in Excel
Assign roles and start times
Create events in the schedule
Adapt the template to your needs

Before downloading your free employee schedule template.

You should know that Workfeed is an affordable scheduling system that serves as the perfect alternative to scheduling in Excel.
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Finally, a simple alternative to scheduling in Excel.

Workfeed is a simple, user-friendly and effective scheduling system for SMBs.
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The most user-friendly scheduling system out there.

Not convinced?

We hope the employee scheduling template helps you make scheduling easier. And if you're ready to explore other options to further simplify the process, you know where to find us.

Download your free employee scheduling template.

How to use the employee scheduling template:

The code to change the template is "easy".
Choose which day of the week your schedule should start.
Add your employees' names.
Go to "Shifts" and add the starting times.
Go to "Roles" and add the different roles.
Select the times and roles from the dropdown list in the schedule.
Your schedule is now ready to be shared with your team.
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