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Overtime is essentially any minute that goes beyond the standard workweek, which is usually 40 hours (it can differ). An employee is entitled to some form of compensation for their overtime, be it in terms of pay or compensatory time off. Read more about overtime tracking here.
Compensatory time off is a type of employee benefit where an employee earns time off (PTO) instead of overtime pay. This means that instead of receiving extra pay for any overtime they work, they can use it as time off to use in the future. This time off is usually given at a rate of one-and-a-half (X 1.5) or two hours (X 2) off for every hour of overtime worked. Read more about comp time in our article 'Comp time off explained'.
An employee's flex balance is calculated on the basis of their standard hours and working hours. For example, if the standard hours are set at 37 hours per week and an employee only works 34 hours, the flex balance will be -3 hours for that week.
The flex balance (as explained above) is calculated on the basis of an employees standard weekly hours and working hours. The working hours can be accrued in two different ways:

1. You can create a work schedule with the fixed working hours of your employees. You only have to do this once since you can save it as a template which you can then reuse. 

2. Alternatively, you can use the time clock to record employees' working hours. 

Note: It is also possible to combine the two solutions - meaning that you create a schedule, but still let your employees use the time clock to register actual arrival and departure times.
Yes. If an employee already has hours (from a previous system for instance) you can add these manually. You can make or change manual adjustments at any time. They can be either positive or negative, meaning you can add both plus and minus hours.
If you choose to pay employee for their overtime, you can manually adjust the employee's flex balance. When making a balance adjustment, it is possible to specify the adjustment with a title so that both you and the employee have an overview of what the adjustments represent.
Yes, they can. Your employees can see their hour balance from the employee app, where ongoing adjustments will also be visible. They can, of course, only see their own balance sheet.

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