A fresh take on staff rota planning.

Rota planning as you know it is out the door. Rota planning as you want it just arrived. Workfeed is totally familiar, but completely different.

Perfect staff rota's. Every single time.

Automatic Rota Planning

Meet your staff's wishes with the click of a button.

09:00 - 18:00
09:00 - 18:00
09:00 - 18:00


Easily save and reuse recurring staff rota's.

Work schedule made in Workfeed

Working Hours

Make sure your staff is working the right hours.

12h / 16h
18h / 20h
25h / 25h

Stay on top of time and attendance.

Automatic Time Tracking

Avoid errors with automatic time tracking.

Guy who loves his schedule from Relion
Adam Smith
Total for the period:
15 shifts
16 hours
Guy who loves his schedule from Relion
Laura Blanc
Total for the period:
9 shifts
11 hours
Guy who loves his schedule from Relion
Jenn Wila
Total for the period:
18 shifts
24 hours

GPS and Terminal Punch Clock

Record working hours down to the minute.

Payroll Export

Export hours with ease.

Oct. 1 - Oct. 30
The pay period has ended
0 changes pending approval
Total wages:
Total hours:
5,268 hours

Automatic calculations

Keep track of unpaid breaks, overtime and supplements.

Morten Fechte
Carol Jackson
Flex balance
+1h 30m
-1h 0m
Feb 7, 2023
-5h 0m
Jan 3, 2023.
-5h 0m
3 jan 2023

A win for the entire team.

iOS and Android apps

All shifts in one place.

Guy who loves his schedule from Relion
Laura Blanc
$1,200 / $2,400
Feb 7, 2023
Apr 7, 2023
Upcoming shifts
Available shifts
11 AM - 7 PM · The Room
1 PM - 9 PM · The Room


Insight into your staff's availability.

Tilgængelighed i vagtplan og arbejdsplan

Shift Swapping

Make shift swapping the least of your problems.

The full suite to manage your workforce.

Leave management

Sit back and relax while staying up to date with holidays.



Stay on top of what's going on.

You got 5 new shifts
Click here to see them all
Remember to check in
Your shift starts in 5 minutes

Team Chat

Keep everyone in the loop.

Danmarks hurtigste support
Howdy friends! Who misses the Facebook group? Well, I certainly don't!
10:22 AM - Jackie Jay
Guy who loves his schedule from Relion
I couldn't agree more. So relaxed to keep work and life separate!
10:24 AM - Adam Smith
You're welcome guys 
10:26 AM
Girl with dark red hair loves a perfect work schedule

Employment contracts

Upload, sign, and store contracts in the app.

Get the most out of your systems.


Export hours for payroll with the click of a button.


Make better decisions based on revenue data.

Dashboard med oversigt over data fra forskellige integrationer


Synchronize your shifts with your calendar.

Table Booking

View daily bookings and guests in Workfeed.

table bookings in Workfeedeasytablebooking logo

Weather forecast

Sunglasses or raincoat? Find out in Workfeed.

Get started today.

Escape the stress of managing a team and become the leader your employees love working for. 
No credit card needed
No lock-in periods
Free training and support
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