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​​Bar 8660 saves $500 per month after implementing Workfeed.

With a varied selection of beer and cocktails, Bar 8660 offers cold refreshments to quench your thirst in new surroundings.
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Bar 8660 saves more than 
$500 each year after implementing Workfeed.
20 hours
Each month Fie saves 20 hours on scheduling related tasks. 
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Previously, Bar 8660 used Excel to create the schedules. The issue with Excel was and still is that it was hugely time-consuming. The manager, Fie, could spend up to 8 hours per week, making adjustments and publishing the final schedule. According to Fie, it was terrible using Excel, and eventually, she needed a new solution.


This is why Workfeed came to the rescue. Bar 8660 needed a system that would allow Fie to get the correct overview of shifts, and additionally a system that could track time registration and salary. 
All of these things are something Workfeed covers very easily.Furthermore, the system features a shift swapping function, which is something Fie is extremely pleased about.


Fie uses Workfeed every day and has experienced several positive outcomes. She is saving up to 20 hours per month. Using Workfeed has also increased the employee satisfaction at Bar 8660. According to Fie, there is much lesser confusion among employees, and overall she is very satisfied with the product:

“It’s the best. It’s super user-friendly, and it covers all the needs I have in everyday life when you running a restaurant. It makes my job so much easier”.
  • Fie from Bar 8660

    Workfeed is the best. It is super user-friendly and covers all the needs I have when running a restaurant. It makes my job so much easier and the customer service is excellent”.

    Fie Hansen
    Manager @ Bar 8660
€ 500,00
Bar 8660 saves more than € 500,00 each year after implementing Relion.
20 hours
Each month Fie saves 20 hours on scheduling related tasks.
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