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Café Smagløs is using Workfeed every single day and they love it.

One of the oldest cafés in central Aarhus, Café Smagløs, is bouncing back after a tough year with the pandemic by cutting expences while optimizing operations. 
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Huge time savings
Vince is saving an immense amount of time.
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In the past, Café Smagløs struggled to keep the schedule of their small café under control. The pandemic caused different problems for them as they did not know when they could open and how many guests they could host in the café.

It made it difficult for them to make the ideal schedule for everyone. For the owner, Vince, it was not unlikely to spend several hours on emails back and forth with his employees on shift schedules. In the end, he got exhausted with this process and started looking for a solution. That's when he was introduced to Workfeed.


Vince needed a system that would allow him to coordinate shifts and salaries in a clear overview, while saving money. Using Workfeed helped Vince to achieve just that:

“I got introduced to Workfeed when we searched for a new reliable scheduling system. We have been using Workfeed since March 18 2020, and we are very satisfied”.


According to Vince, Workfeed has given him the perfect solution to all of his issues with schedules. On top of that, Vince is saving an immense amount of time.

“For me, as a manager of two different companies, it has been easy and straightforward to be able to handle the schedule. I have no plans to change to a new shift scheduling system. Workfeed simply works”.
  • I love Workfeed. It’s so good. I use it pretty much every single day, probably every day since I started. Thank you for this amazing scheduling system.

    Vince Skaarup Nielsen
    Co-Owner @ Café Smagløs
Huge time savings.
Vince is saving an immense amount of time.
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