"I quit!!"
“Can you update the schedule?!”
1 missed call
“I'm sick today”
“Can I get Friday off?”
“You made a mistake in my payslip!!”

Excel was clearly not made for work scheduling.

And yet ...

82% are still stuck with Excel or paper.

This leads to unnecessary manual and repetitive tasks. AKA, a lot of wasted time.
“Houston, we have a problem!”

And that's not the only problem..

There is little time to manage the workforce, data is lost, and employees seek better workplaces.
of Millenials identify flexibility as a top priority when job hunting.
would prefer flexible work to a pay rise.
For companies
Low employee satisfaction
High risk for costly errors
A lack of data
For managers
Scheduling is complex
It is time consuming
A lack of overview
For employees
Low degree of flexibility
A lack of accessibility
An affected work-life balance
Employers lose an average €6,440 annually on no-shows alone 
Shift workers lose an average of €945 per year on last minute shift cancellations.

So why do most of us still use Excel for work scheduling?

Truth is, there are not many good alternatives. There are platforms that replace Excel. But many of these are complex or pricey.
Very complex
Getting started with a new platform is not always easy. That's why many continue to use Excel.
Besides, getting started with a new platform is not always easy. Setting up and mastering a new platform can take a lot of time.
High costs
Finally, the costs of many platforms can add up quickly. Leaving you wondering if it actually saves money at the bottom line.

But you can say goodbye to all of it.

And hello to a work scheduling tool that will make you say “ahhhh …. “
1. User-friendly and easy to become familiar with.
2. Workforce management becomes a breeze.
3. More free time to spend on what you desire.
4. Increased flexibility for all your employees.
5. More overview for you and everyone in your team.
“Houston, problem solved!”
What makes us different?

We view work scheduling from your perspective.

As former employees, we know what is important in the workplace.
Team focused
Workfeed doesn't just benefit managers. It's a win for the entire team!
One of our users said it best: "If you can pour a beer, you are able to use Workfeed".
Improved flexibility
Younger generations demand more flexibility. Workfeed is built  to deliver just that.
Lightning fast support
We reply to 95% of our support tickets within 2 minutes and we actually enjoy doing it.
Built with the users
Everything we do. We do it for you and with you. At Workfeed you'll have a voice and we'll listen. 
Want to hear more from our customers?
experience increased staff satisfaction.
hours saved per admin each year.
is the average return on investment.
experience increased flexibility.

Best-in-class reviews.

Lot's of systems like to say they're "user friendly". We wouldn't say it unless it was actually true!

This is why 500+ customers love Workfeed.

"We save 30 hours per month on work scheduling with Workfeed."

Burak Morali from Madam Cuba
Burak Morali
Madam Cuba

"Workfeed helps us run a more professional business."

Tanne from Gedulgt sipping her favorite cocktail
Tanne Morville

These companies already simplified work scheduling, when will you?

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