TINC optimizes its shift planning and saves time using Workfeed.

TINC is on a mission to make it easier to make eco-friendly choices in everyday life. From their 2 physical stores they sell products that focus on better ingredients, environment and social responsibility. 
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TINC saved 95% time since they started with Workfeed.
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TINC is now able to create the monthly schedule in less than 30 minutes.
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TINC contacted Workfeed when they realized that their way of planning shifts was outdated and time consuming - they needed a web-based shift scheduling system. Most of the employees were part time working students. They often had assignments or different meeting times. It made it difficult for TINC to plan the ideal schedule for everyone.

In the past, TINC used Excel to create shift schedules. It was hugely time-consuming and stressful for Michael. It wasn´t unlikely for him to spend 2-3 days on emails back and forth with his employees on shift schedules. Thereby, he was only able to make schedules one month ahead. He got tired and frustrated with this process and asked Workfeed for assistance.


Since using Workfeed, TINC makes shift schedules in less than 30 minutes, what means that TINC saves up to 95% time on scheduling. The system provides a great overview of the shift schedules and facilitates all the work of Michael and the rest of the staff:

“The fact that employees can switch shifts among each other saves us the most time.”

Shift swapping has previously caused problems for TINC. They had difficulties in keeping shift schedules updated manually. Now the issue is solved, and TINC saves an immense amount of time.


In addition; to shift schedules, payroll is done through Salary. According to Michael Timm, Salary has been a game-changer for the company:

"The integration between Salary and Workfeed is perfect for me, and the options Workfeed provides for automatically time registration have saved me a lot of mistakes and time spent on correcting payslips. Overall it is a win-win for both employer and employee.”

Workfeed does not only use Salary for integrations. A benefit of using Workfeed is they´ve got different payroll integrations per country.
  • “What used to take me 3 days each month can now be done in less than half an hour, which is just incredible.”

    Michael Timm
    Co-Owner @ TINC
TINC saved 95% time since they started with Relion.
30 minutes
TINC now makes schedules in lesss than 30-minutes.
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