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Connect your employees with Monotree.

Monotree simplifies everything from internal comms, to training and information sharing. With the Workfeed integration, all employees and shifts are synced between Monotree and Workfeed - fully automatically.

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All information for your team in one place.

Unclear communication and an endless maze of documents - it's every employee's (and company's) nightmare. But Monotree puts an end to that. 

Monotree gathers all necessary information in one place, making daily organization and communication effortless for your entire team. With the Workfeed integration, you can also gather everything related to employee scheduling and time tracking in one place - making sure you really do bring all the information together.

Synchronise employees and shifts between Monotree and Workfeed.

Monotree and Workfeed bring everything together in one place - from communication and training to employee scheduling and timekeeping. The integration ensures that employees are automatically synchronized and assigned to the correct department. In other words, when you create an employee in Workfeed, they are automatically created in Monotree and assigned to the correct department.


In addition, shifts created in Workfeed are also visible in the Monotree app, allowing you to save time and worry by making sure your employees always have the right information.

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