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The shift planning app your team deserves. 

Workfeed handles the stress of shift planning for both you and your employees. Automatically fulfill all your employees’ wishes with just the click of a button.
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Increase job satisfaction.

Get the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Workfeed’s shift planning software makes it easy to meet your employees' wishes and required hours.

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22 sep
21. okt
Pige med angivet tilgængelighed til vagtplanen
Availability in shift plan
08:00 - 16:00
Available shift
Elanor Vitfeldt
12:00 - 18:30
Available shift
Available shift
15:30 - 21:00
Jack Høge
Available shift

Easily build a shift plan template. 

You can easily create templates in the app that take into account specific competencies and permanent shifts - across weeks. That way, you can guarantee the ideal staffing for each shift.

Save time with automatic shift planning. 

Autofill creates the perfect shift plan by taking in consideration wishes, hours and the 11-hour rule. Once it’s done you can still apply changes before sharing the shift plan with your team. 

Auto-fill for the period 1. Jan - 30 Jan.
Shifts covered
62/ 68
Availability met
173/ 173
Hour requirements met
23/ 25
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A shift swap was automatically approved

Simon has taken Carol's shift on August 11th.
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New comment on your shift

“Prepare for a very busy evening”.

Keep everyone updated. 

Workfeed’s shift planning app simplifies workforce management by taking care of anything around it. From time clocks to shift swapping. We got you covered. 

Make shift swapping easy for everyone. 

Allow your employees to swap shifts and achieve greater flexibility in the workplace - and in the shift plan.

Kristian is selling his shift
Service personnel
15:00 - 22:00 · Bistro TT

Did we say we love integrations?

We have made the best integrations for work planning and time registration, so you can get the maximum benefit from your organization.

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Handle payroll with one click.

Workfeed automatically synchronizes employees and hours to your preferred payroll system.

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Real time calendar sync.

Never miss a shift again. Automatically sync your shift plan to your personal calendar.

OnlinePOS logo til lønprocenter i vagtplanAjour Pos logo til lønprocenter i vagtplan

See your labor percentage.

See your revenue in real time and automatically calculate your daily labor percentage.

Questions? Answers. 

Creating a structured and well-functioning shift plan requires time and resources. It requires that you can maintain an overview of employee availability and that you always have the surplus to handle questions and inquiries from your employees. At the same time, you must always be equipped to take care of illness, holiday wishes and unexpected absences.

It is therefore not surprising that shift planning is a challenge for many companies. But that does not have to be the case.

With Workfeeds user-friendly shift planning app, you get effective control of the work schedule in the company.
With Workfeed, you can easily, quickly and automatically create and share shift plans with your employees. Your shift plan is updated online in real time - neither you nor your employees miss out on changes to the schedule.

That way, you avoid spending extra time double-checking that updates go through. Instead, you can concentrate on what matters most: your business - and your employees.
Workfeed’s shift planning app allows your employees to specify for themselves when they prefer to work, which shifts they can take, and when they are not available. If you have hourly-paid staff, you do not have to worry about keeping track of who can work and when.

When you need to find a replacement, you do not have to call around to hear each employee if they can work: You already have the full overview of your employees' availability in the Workfeed app. And when an employee wants time off, you get the request via your app. You can see if it fits in the shift plan to give the person a day off - and you can easily approve or reject the request via the app.
It is inevitable that changes will be made to the shift plan from time to time - but with Workfeed you can avoid employees not being notified in time.

Workfeed’s user-friendly messaging system makes it easy for you and your employees to communicate with each other. If you need to notify one or more employees of changes in the work schedule, they will automatically receive a notification about this.

Your employees also have the opportunity to communicate internally about replacements and shift changes. In this way, all information about the work plan is gathered in one place, and you avoid misunderstandings and stress due to lack of communication.

Our customers achieve noticeable results.

experiences increased employee satisfaction.
hours saved by a regular manager per year.
is the average return on investment per year.
experiences increased flexibility with Workfeed.
Bar 8660 saves 20 hours a month with Workfeed.
Gedulgt optimizes scheduling with Workfeed.
TINC reduces the time spent on shift planning by 95%.
I love Workfeed. It’s so good. I use it almost every single day.
Hamanns increases staff satisfaction with Workfeed.
Swapping pen and papir with Workfeed was the perfect solution for BRYG.
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