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Use Shopify POS data to schedule more accurately.

Shopify POS enables you to sell everywhere, both on and offline. With the integration, you gain access to both real-time and forecasted revenue data directly in Workfeed — allowing you to create work schedules based on expected revenue.

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Shopify POS - the point of sale for every sale.

Shopify POS lets you sell everywhere. Whether it is via your website, in-store, on social media or a digital marketplace — Shopify POS allows you to do it. On top of that, Shopify's POS system covers a wide range of features. From omnichannel selling and payment processing to managing inventory and your customers, Shopify POS makes it simple to manage your retail business.

A peek into the future.

When you combine Shopify POS with Workfeed, you grant yourself access to a crystal ball that lets you both think and look ahead. Once the integration is enabled, Workfeed starts fetching your revenue data automatically from Shopify POS. Based on this data, Workfeed presents you with insights that allow you to optimize your business instantly.

More predictability through your own data.

The moment Shopify's revenue data is pulled into Workfeed the magic begins to work. Without any effort on your behalf, Workfeed treats you to various insights such as:

  • The ability to see their revenue in real-time
  • Revenue forecasts based on historical revenue
  • Automatic calculation of their labor rate
  • Labor rate forecasts based on historical data

Having this data at your fingertips enables you to create work schedules that match the expected revenue on any given day. At the same time, you can keep an eye on your labor rate to make sure you stay within your labor budget.

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