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The tools to lead your restaurant to success.

Superb provides you with the commercial tools. Workfeed takes care of workforce management. Together, it's the perfect tech suite to steer your restaurant to success.

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The perfect formula for your restaurant.

Superb provides you with the right commercial tools to run and grow your restaurant. From reservations, orders, and payments to gift cards, takeaways, and data-driven guest profiles. You name it, they've got it. 

However, it's the combination of Superb and Workfeed that truly makes the difference. Not only does it enable you to run and grow your restaurant better. It allows you to use all the data you collect along the way to do it more efficiently every time.

Once the integration is set up, Workfeed fetches your revenue and table booking data automatically from Superb and presents it in a simple way in your Workfeed account. Based on this data, Workfeed presents unique insights that allow you to take better decisions instantly.

More predictability through your own data.

The moment Superb's data is pulled into Workfeed is when the magic begins to work. Without any effort on your part, Workfeed treats you to various insights such as:

  • Revenue forecasting.
  • Automatic calculation and forecasting of your salary percentage.
  • The number of table bookings and guests on any given day

With access to this data, you'll be able to make the right workforce management decisions at all times. Not only can you base your work schedules on the expected number of guests in your restaurant to avoid over- or under-staffing. You can also view your revenue, the number of guests in your restaurant, and the number of staff on the floor - in real-time. Allowing you to see how things are going in your restaurant at all times.

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