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View bookings from Zenchef | Formitable directly in Workfeed.

Zenchef | Formitable makes it easy to manage your restaurant’s table bookings. With the Workfeed integration, all bookings made through Zenchef | Formitable will be visible in Workfeed's schedule view.

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Zenchef | Formitable, a new and better way to serve your guests.

Zenchef | Formitable is revolutionizing the restaurant industry in Europe. With a commitment to innovation and a focus on guest relationship management, Zenchef | Formitable aims to create a platform that brings restaurants and diners closer together. By offering cutting-edge technology without commissions, Zenchef | Formitable seeks to foster a thriving dining culture where restaurants like Geranium and Gastromé can flourish.

View the number of bookings and guests in Workfeed.

The combination of Zenchef | Formitable and Workfeed makes it easy to create work schedules that match the expected amount of guests in your restaurant. You can access the number of bookings and guests in real-time, directly from the schedule view in Workfeed. Moreover, walk-in tables are also shown in Workfeed (in real-time) - allowing you to see both the current number of guests in your restaurant as well as the amount of staff you have on the floor.

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