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Get access to data insights with the Zettle integration.

Zettle creates modern POS systems designed to make your workday easier. Thanks to the integration with Workfeed, it is now possible for any company to get unique data insights that were previously exclusive to large companies.

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Zettle and Workfeed - Peek into the future.

Whether you want more sales, more customers or more efficiency, Zettle provides you with the tools to achieve a little more with your business every day. Zettle allows you to accept payments and stay on top of every sale, all in one place.

But the combo of Zettle and Workfeed is what gives you the real edge. It lets you both think ahead and look ahead - literally. Workfeed fetches your revenue data automatically from Zettle and presents it in a simple and clear way within your Workfeed account. Based on this data, Workfeed presents unique insights that allow you to optimize your business instantly.

More predictability through your own data.

The moment Zettle's revenue data is pulled into Workfeed is when the magic begins to work. Without any effort on your part, Workfeed treats you to various insights such as:

  • Predictions of your future revenue based on data from Zettle.
  • Automatic calculation and forecasting of your salary percentage.
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