Workfeed and Ziik - intranet as it should be.

Ziik has rethought the intranet with an all-in-one communication platform that ensures better engagement for your employees. With the Workfeed integration, all staff are synchronised from Workfeed's scheduling system - completely automatically.

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Ziik and Workfeed - A user-friendly intranet.

How can I...? Do I have access to...? Where can I find...?

Ziik helps you as an employer to answer these questions. Make sure your employees have manuals, strategy documents, company policies, business standards, news feeds, training videos and more at their fingertips - where and when they need them.

Ziik truly gives you everything you need in one place. The intranet delivers the answers at your fingertips and thanks to Workfeed integration, it can now also bring together everything for employee scheduling and time tracking in one place.

Synchronise employees between Ziik and Workfeed.

Ziik and Workfeed make it easy to keep track of communication, schedules, hours, and pay. Employee synchronization is completely automatic. So when you create an employee in Workfeed, they are automatically created in Ziik. In addition, they are also automatically assigned to the right department. In other words, you can save time and worry by always knowing your employees are set up in the right places. 

A shared vision.

At both Ziik and Workfeed, employee engagement is incredibly important. At the same time, both systems are also dedicated to creating the best-possible app experience. Both you and your employees get access to top-notch usability all while administration and communication are made simple.
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