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Download your free timesheet calculator Excel template here.
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timesheet calculator excel
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Make the best use of your timesheet template.

Learn how you can make a timesheet in Excel and how to use the timesheet calculator Excel template to your best advantage. 
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What is a timesheet?

A timesheet is a way to record the working hours of employees. Companies use timesheets, for example, to record the time of an entire workday, or to record the time spent on tasks, projects or clients. Back in the days, a timesheet was kept with pen and paper, but today it is also possible to use a digital document like a spreadsheet or dedicated software. Hours worked can be collected by keeping track of work hours manually or by using time clocks. To record times as accurately as possible, using time tracking software is a wise option.

How to use the timesheet calculator Excel template.

Our timesheet calculator Excel template is weekly based. The default setup consists of the seven weekdays (see picture below) with auto-counting dates based on the entered start date of the week. Are you looking for a timesheet Excel template on a daily or monthly basis? You can download one here. In addition to the weekday and date, the timesheet Excel template contains the following columns: scheduled hours, over/under hours, vacation, sick leave and the total hours.

You use the timesheet calculator template as follows. For example, if an employee was scheduled for 8.5 hours on a Monday, you enter this in the 'scheduled hours' cell in the same row as the relevant weekday. It can happen that instead of the scheduled 8.5 hours, the employee actually worked only 8 hours. In this case you can note this in the 'over/under hours' cell by entering the number of hours not worked as a negative number. In the image you can see this example and you can see that -0.5 has been filled in. When overtime has been worked, the number should be entered as a positive number as is the case on Friday and Saturday.
timesheet calculator excel template
When an employee is on vacation or sick leave you can, as in the example, write the number of scheduled hours as a negative in the corresponding cell. The total number of hours of the working day will automatically be added up in the 'total hours' column. Total hours and salary are automatically calculated and displayed in the rows below the weekdays based on the data entered.

PS. You can easily edit the template based on your own preferences. If you, for example prefer, your timesheet calculator with lunch breaks, you can add an extra column between 'scheduled hours' and 'over/under hours'. This way, the data added for lunch breaks will automatically be included in the formula.

Before downloading your timesheet Excel template.

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We hope the timesheet calculator excel template helps you with making time tracking easier. And if you're ready to explore other options to further simplify the process, you know where to find us.

Download your free timesheet calculator Excel template.

Download template

How to use the timesheet calculator Excel template:

The code to change the template is "easy".
Enter your employee's information and the start date of the week.
Enter the hours worked in the cell of the corresponding weekday.
Fill in the remaining cells (over/under hours and absence) if relevant.
Review the total hours and salary.
Your timesheet is now ready.
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