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Run the organization effectively by managing timesheets digitally. Gain insights into time allocations, scheduling, resource management, payrolls, and much more — all in one app.

More insights and greater control…

Recording time is a struggle for many companies. Due to inefficient and clumsy tools, time tracking is often seen as a burden rather than a blessing. Even though online timesheet calculators or timesheet excel templates are a good way to get started with time tracking, neither is user-friendly enough to ensure a seamless integration with everyday work in the long run.

Ineffective time recording processes usually cause frustration and annoyance rather than improved productivity. Luckily, there is a solution.

...leads to increased satisfaction

By using an efficient timesheet and employee scheduling app, such as Workfeed, companies experience better time management, increased flexibility, and improved staff satisfaction.

Employees can check their hours, view the latest version of the schedule at any time, and see what salary they can expect every month. They can also easily indicate their availability in the app, giving them greater control over their work-life balance — a real time (and money) saver!
Employee time sheet

Online timesheets made easy

Managing time within a team should be easy and require minimal manual labor. After all, the goal is to increase productivity through better management of time. When you’ve created your schedule and shared it with your team, the next step is tracking the hours correctly. The good thing is that this is taken care of automatically.

You can set up supplements, pauses, and breaks whenever necessary. Workfeed takes care of the rest. With the GPS based time clock, changes are easily registered. You can also simply allow your employees to request changes to their shifts if necessary.

The app for all workforce management needs

Using a large number of tools to manage and plan time risks causing confusion and miscommunication. By collecting all necessary tools and function related time registrations and employee scheduling in one place, you get the best prerequisites for running a smooth operation.

The Workfeed software includes frictionless functions such as:

… and much more.

Accessing real time employee data

Through seamless time tracking and scheduling, you can access all employee performance data in one place. By setting up an easy-to-use dashboard, you’re able to quickly figure out who takes the most shifts, who contributes the most to revenue goals, and in which areas there might be room for improvement.

By using historical data points, Workfeed is able to connect the dots and provide a forecast of how your resources should be distributed. This means that it also enables you to consider your staffing needs before it’s too late.

A timesheet app that integrates

Strong integrations are a cornerstone of Workfeed. By providing integrations with the vast majority of payroll systems and selected POS systems, Workfeed allows users to get the most out of their tech stack. Through seamless integrations, Workfeed can be connected with various services, tools, and software at just the push of a button. Read more about our integrations here.

Questions? Answers.

A timesheet is a table used by an employer to track the time each employee has worked. The sheet is used to collect data by recording time spent on certain tasks or projects. Traditionally, this has been done using pen and paper, or Excel templates. Workfeed provides a solution that combines your time tracking and scheduling needs into one convenient app.

Want to know more about timesheets? Read our article “What is a timesheet?
In business, time might be considered the most valuable resource. Managing time is a vital part of continuously and effectively managing a team of employees. Therefore, finding a process to effectively record time spent is usually in both the employer and employees’ interest. This is where a timesheet can help you out.

To avoid losing valuable insights and opportunities for boosting productivity, finding an easy solution to track time during the day is an important task. According to a survey performed by Harvard Business Review, 40 % of employees never tracked the time they spent on reading or writing emails, and many were also unable to record time spent during meetings. That’s a lot of time unaccounted for.
Yes. When starting one of Workfeed's subscriptions, every employee gets access to the app for free.
The app has different user access levels, allowing administrators, managers, and employees to access the app on different levels.
Workfeed is a company with a mission: we want to set you free from tedious administrative work and help employers escape the stress of managing a team. In order to do this, we are building applications that make time tracking and scheduling easy, flexible, and accessible for teams across numerous industries.
Workfeed is an intuitive and user-friendly time tracking and work scheduling app that can be used by a large variety of teams and companies. The app is particularly useful for small and medium-sized teams. Many of the teams that use Workfeed are active in fields which require shift scheduling and intricate time planning. These include bars, shops, restaurants, and cafés, as well as organizations within health care, education, transportation, etc.
We love to show off Workfeed. If you’re interested to know more about what we have to offer, you can book an online demo at any time. Just follow this link and choose your preferred time. Talk to you soon!

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