Flex and Overtime Management, the New Wishes Page, and much more

These are just some of the new updates we've added to Workfeed over the past month. Read more about the new updates here.
20. February 2023  • Reading Time: 3 minutes
A summary of the new features:
  • The flex account to manage overtime and compensatory time

  • The ability to add monthly salary

  • New availability/wishes page

  • Insight into the distance to the nearest GPS zone when users punch out

  • Shift reminder notifications

  • The ability to add leave from the schedule overview

  • Deleted employees remain visible in the time tracking view

  • Previews of daily notes in weekly view

Manage overtime and compensatory time with the new flex account

Gone are the days of spending hours in cluttered excel sheets to manage flex. With Workfeed's new flex feature, you can now track of overtime automatically.

You can activate the flex account individually for each employee so that, based on their weekly hours, the flex balance can be calculated automatically - which you can view in real-time.

If your employees want to compensate for overtime, you can add unpaid leave to a shift they are assigned to. When you do so, these hours are automatically deducted from their flex balance.

It is also possible to enter the monthly salary of your employees.

The new availability / wishes page

The wish list (where your team indicates their availability) has received a nice makeover and makes reporting availability much easier and more organized.

Punch clock update

The punch clock also got a nice update: when an employee checks out after a shift, the distance to the GPS zone where they checked in is recorded. This means you can now see the distance between the place of checking in and out.

Time tracking and leave management updates

The time tracking overview has received some updates. For example, it is now possible to filter by roles in the time attendance overview. Furthermore, deleted employees will now remain visible in the time registration overview.

It is now also possible to create leave from the schedule overview. For example, when an employee calls in sick, you can easily create sick leave by right-clicking on the shift of the person who called in sick.

Shift reminder notifications

From now on, employees will receive a notification for an upcoming shift. If you're assigned to a shift, you will receive a message at 12:00 AM the day before to remind you of the shift. If it happens that you are assigned a shift after 9:00 PM, you will receive a reminder at 9:00 AM that same day.
Berry van Waarden
Head of Marketing

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