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Workfeed and Cappy make work more rewarding

Sync your team, work schedules and payroll information automatically and offer your employees flexible access to earned pay and smart tools for better personal finances.

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Easy and efficient staffing with Cappy and Workfeed

Cappy makes it possible to offer your employees the flexibility to choose when to get paid and a financial toolbox of budgeting features and mini-courses for learning. All available and secure in one mobile app.

The combination of Cappy and Workfeed makes it easier to attract, retain and motivate employees to work more, request extra shifts, and cover for unplanned absences. You get faster recruitment, increased fill rate on shifts, as well as reduced absence and lower staff turnover.

Quick to get started, minimal administration

The integration between Cappy and Workfeed is fully automatic, which means there is virtually no admin work for you. Once the integration is active, Workfeed communicates employee and scheduling data like open shifts, hours worked, and earnings to Cappy, from where your employees can track their pay, directly access earned pay, and identify the need to work more shifts if they need additional income

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