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Boost employee engagement with Workfeed and Barma.

Barma provides a community-centric workspace app, complete with essential social features like a newsfeed, chat, and group chat for daily communication.

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Introducing Barma

Barma consolidates all your operational platforms into a single, intuitive application, making it easier to manage training, onboarding, and employee surveys. You can also tap into their industry-specific library available on demand, among other functionalities. 

Quick to get started, minimal administration

When the integration between Workfeed and Barma is live your employee's will automatically by synched. This means you only have to create an employee in Workfeed before they're automatically created in Barma as well. Moreover, once an employee starts getting shifts in the Workfeed app these are shown right inside the Barma app.

Setting up the integration

Setting up your integration between Workfeed and Barma is straightforward. Contact Barma's support team via email at [email protected] for initial guidance. Barma will arrange a convenient time for a personalized setup session and activate the integration at a time that suits you, ensuring a seamless start to your enhanced operational experience.

Want to learn more?

Fill out this contact sales form from Barma and they'll reach out to you with more information. 
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