Contracts, the new team list, leave management updates, and much more!

These are just some of the new updates we've added to Workfeed over the past month. Read more about the new updates here, and find out what you can look forward to soon.
1. November 2022  • Reading Time: 3 minutes
You generously share your feedback on ways we can further improve our product, and for that, we are very grateful! We are excited to share quite a few updates this time around - so let's get to it:


A summary of the new features:
  • Upload and sign contracts in Workfeed
  • The new team list
  • Ziik integration
  • Salary integration update
  • Custom leave types and notes
  • Employee filter update
  • Updated calendar view in the app
  • Daily notes and notes on shifts are now saved in templates
  • Highlighting double shifts in the employee dropdown


And features that are just around the corner:
  • Flex account for managing overtime and time off for full-time employees
  • View the schedule of multiple departments at once.
  • Integrations with DinnerBooking, Guestplan and easyTableBooking 

Upload and sign contracts in Workfeed

Attracting new employees is anything but easy at the moment and the paperwork involved doesn't make it any easier. We hope that this new feature can make the process a lot easier for you.

From now on, you can upload contracts for all employees in Workfeed and they can then sign them in the app. The uploaded and signed contracts are linked to your employees' profiles, making them easy to find.

The new and improved team list

Chances are you've already seen it. The employee list got a complete makeover. Aside from looking a lot better, the new employee list has become much more practical. 
The design is now mobile-first, which means that all features are available on all devices! Performance has been improved massively and assigning roles and departments has become frictionless. The list is packed with little updates making for a complete experience.

Ziik integration

We have added a new integration to Workfeed, Ziik. Ziik is an all-in-one communication platform that ensures better engagement for your employees. With the Workfeed integration, employee synchronization takes place completely automatically. When you create an employee in Workfeed, that employee is automatically created in Ziik and assigned to the correct department.

Salary integration update

We have updated the Salary integration. When you create a new employee in Workfeed, that employee is now also automatically created in Salary. On top of that, when you update the information on any employee in Workfeed that is matched, this will also automatically be updated in Salary.

Custom leave types and notes

A request that has come in a lot, and one that we understand all too well - custom leave types. From now on, custom leave types can be created in the calendar. You can also add notes for adding additional info to any leave.

Schedule overview updates

Finally, we also updated the schedule view. The employee filter now shows all employees in the department, not just those assigned a shift. Furthermore, daily notes and comments on shifts are now saved in templates. Comments also show directly under each shift without needing to hover.

The calendar overview in the mobile app has been updated to provide more vertical space for shifts.

Last but not least, we reduced the chances of assigning double shifts completely. The warning when double assigning someone no longer appears only after assigning an overlapping shift. Now you will also see a warning in the dropdown when an employee is already assigned to a shift, preventing you from scheduling a double shift in the first place.

Upcoming features

You can look forward to several new updates shortly. Upcoming features include the flex account to manage overtime and time off for full-time employees, the ability to view the schedule of multiple departments at once, and integrations with table booking systems.
Berry van Waarden
Head of Marketing

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