Workfeed allows Backpackerlife to pay more attention to what really matters

Backpackerlife is an online store that specializes in selling travel and outdoor equipment. However, they do this a little differently than others, as they also offer customized advice along with a packing list based on the traveler's destination.
20. July 2022  • 2 minutes reading time
Back in 2017, co-founders Lars and Jesper witnessed many problems and questions around backpacking and being outdoors. ''We saw people struggle with finding the right outdoor gear, or not knowing what equipment they needed due to conflicting advice.'' 

With the belief that everyone should be able to spend as much time outdoors as they like, and that this should be made as easy as possible, they decided to start Backpackerlife to make this happen.

'We believe that when people go traveling and go outdoors, they gain new experiences and perspectives. It broadens the worldview and it makes a person and the world a better place.'

Now 5 years, 4 warehouses, and a successful visit to the Danish Shark Tank variant further, Backpackerlife is a well-known and much-visited webshop in Denmark. But this successful journey also presented them with some challenges along the way, including the creation of work schedules...


Before Workfeed, Lars used to make the schedules in a Word document. As the company began to grow, it quickly became clear that this was not sustainable.

'We started out with a Word document, and to be honest, it worked pretty well. However, at some point as we grew it just became too complex. More people, more calendars, more opinions, and just more work. That's when we knew we needed a new solution.'

'By the time we had to schedule shifts for five employees, our breaking point had been reached. That's when I started looking for a suitable solution and stumbled upon Workfeed.'
Lars and Jesper / Co-founders of Backpackerlife


The most important factor in Backpackerlife's search for a scheduling tool was simplicity. They needed something that does the job and at the same time has a good app, given the importance of this to their staff.
'Because we're a startup, we want to make it as simple as possible. We're not looking for complexity, and what I like about Workfeed is that it's a very user-friendly, but also flexible scheduling tool, which is essentially what we needed.'
Moving their schedule to Workfeed is a decision that Lars is very happy with. As there's simply more time to focus on important tasks that ultimately drive the business forward.


Using Workfeed allows Lars and his Backpackerlife team to pay more attention to the things that really matter:

'Workfeed allows us to focus on our core business, shipping orders on time, managing our people, and just growing. It really makes life easier. We probably wouldn't be able to accomplish the same things without Workfeed', Lars said.

Workfeed, a fresh take on online scheduling.

At Workfeed, we are on a mission to provide small and medium-sized businesses with access to an online scheduling system. By combining quality with user-friendliness and affordable prices, it becomes easy to say goodbye to your Excel sheet or expensive and complex systems.
Berry van Waarden
Head of Marketing
More time for important tasks.
With Workfeed, Backpackerlife is able to focus all its attention on growing the business.

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