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1985 called, they want their scheduling method back.

De Knijp is an authentic eatery in the old town of Gorinchem. At first glance, it may appear to be a traditional Dutch 'Brown Cafe', but make no mistake, it is a place that serves delicious food of high quality.

The more than 40-year-old eatery is all about getting together, and its laid-back atmosphere makes it the perfect place to do just that - be it to dine with family and friends or to enjoy a drink on the weekend.

But it's not always sunshine and rainbows: running a restaurant that evolves into a sing-along cafe brings its fair share of challenges - says Rogier Horden, Restaurant Manager at Eatery de Knijp.
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4 hours per month
Since implementing Workfeed, they save at least 4 hours per month.
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Eatery de Knijp enjoys more overview of the schedule, availability, and hours.
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One of those challenges was employee scheduling. The previously used method dated back to when de Knijp opened its doors, making it anything but easy. And unlike de Knijp's four decades of expertise was the previous scheduling method somewhat less charming.

''We were using an outdated scheduling process. Everyone shared their availability via WhatsApp and based on that the schedule was created in an Excel file. It was shared with the team in the same way, which made it difficult to keep track of the schedule and shift swaps.''

Rogier used to work as a waiter at De Knijp several years ago, and already experienced that this process was everything but ideal for both employee and employer:

''When I came back to De Knijp as a restaurant manager, finding a better scheduling process was one of my priorities, I was convinced that there had to be an easier way.''


With experience as an employee and manager, he had a clear idea of what was needed. A system that made it easy for the team, made up mostly of part-timers, to share their availability and access the schedule. In the search for an employee scheduling system, Rogier stumbled upon Workfeed, and from there everything went naturally:

''The implementation of Workfeed was quick and easy. The numerous guides with videos quickly showed us how to use the system. The user-friendly system in combination with the personal guidance from Workfeed ensured that the system could be rolled out quickly within the company.

With Workfeed, scheduling is effortless and the fact that the hours are easy to export offers great convenience for the management of De Knijp, says Rogier.


Since implementing Workfeed, Eatery de Knijp enjoys a better overview of the schedule, availability, and working hours. On top of the increase in overview, they also save a lot of time:

''Besides the transparency Workfeed provides, it is also incredibly time-saving. Each month we save at least 3 hours on scheduling and a minimum of 1 hour on time tracking and payroll processing.''

With Workfeed, we can make decisions based on data and we save lots of time because it gathers information for us. This allows us to focus our time on improving other things within the company, Rogier said.
  • ''I highly recommend Workfeed to other companies. The implementation is easy, the app is very user-friendly, the scheduling processes are made easy and the personal support from Workfeed is perfect.''

    Rogier Horden
    Restaurant Manager @ De Knijp
4 hours per month
Since implementing Workfeed, they save at least 4 hours per month.
More overview
Eatery de Knijp enjoys more overview of the schedule, availability, and hours.
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