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Workfeed has created several free excel templates. From work schedule templates, to timesheets and budget templates. And you can download as many as you want!

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Work schedule template

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Workfeed shift planning

2-2-3 Work Schedule template

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2-2-3 work schedule excel template

Business budget template

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free excel business budget template

Timesheet template.

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timesheet template

What is Workfeed?

Workfeed is a user-friendly workforce management system that makes it quick and easy to get a grip on administrative matters - for managers and employees alike.

And oh yeah, we're not the biggest fans of excel. But it's not up to us to decide how you want to work. So we created these free excel templates anyway to make your everyday life easier.


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TINC reduces the time spent on scheduing with 95%.
I love Workfeed. It’s so good. I use it almost every single day.
Hamanns increases staff satisfaction with Workfeed.
Swapping pen and paper with Workfeed was the perfect solution for BRYG.
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