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Export hours from Workfeed directly to Gusto.

The Workfeed and Gusto integration allows you to process payroll in record time. With a few clicks, you can export your timesheets from Workfeed and import them into Gusto.

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Run payroll in minutes with smart technology.

Gusto handles payroll taxes, benefits, compliance, and other complicated tasks for you. With Gusto, you can handle complicated tasks effortlessly, sometimes without even lifting a finger. It's no wonder Gusto's payroll platform enjoys the trust of 300,000 companies.

Eliminate manual payroll processing for good.

Workfeed takes care of everything for time tracking and payroll calculation, while Gusto provides the payroll engine that ensures all your employees are paid on time. The integration between Gusto and Workfeed makes it easy and simple to transfer hours and pay rates between the two systems. 

How does the integration with Gusto work?

You can activate the Gusto integration yourself from the settings of your Workfeed account. All you have to do is match your employees between Workfeed and Gusto.

Once the integration is enabled, you can download your timesheets from Workfeed in Gusto's preferred format. This allows you to upload the CSV file into Gusto without having to make any manual adjustments.


You can export the timesheets in CSV format from Workfeed's time tracking overview. From this overview you can determine the period you want to export. When you click on export you can export the hours by clicking 'export to Gusto'.
You can match your employees by adding the appropriate employee number from Gusto to each employee in Workfeed.
Matching users between Workfeed and Gusto is necessary to ensure that Workfeed can export the right payroll data to the right employees in Gusto.
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